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Open House Report

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
April 30th, 2007

As expected, this weekend’s open houses were well-attended.  On Saturday we had a slow but steady trickle of visitors, and Sunday it was fast and furious.

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Vases, Ornamental Monkeys, and Pickled Olives

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
April 27th, 2007

The job of a stager is to make a home look classy and elegant, while appealing to as broad a range of people as possible. Often it’s the little things, the discrete touches, that are the difference between a good and a bad staging job.

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Carol Soffer’s work on this property includes quite a number of such touches, including vases, the famous “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” monkey triumvirate, and — of course — pickled olives. No staged home is complete without them.

See this picture gallery to see what I mean.

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First Broker Tour

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
April 24th, 2007

Did our first broker tour today from 2pm to 4pm, our first exposure to the market. There weren’t a lot of other properties on today’s real estate tour in Potrero Hill.

Had a steady stream of agents come through, with — as expected — plenty of positive feedback. The property shows very well — thanks in large part to the excellent staging work of Carol Soffer and her team — and has been meticulously well-maintained.

The first public showing is this Thursday April 26th, 2007, from 5pm to 7pm. Come on by!

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Sometimes Inspectors Have to Stretch

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
April 10th, 2007

This morning I met the home and pest inspectors at the property, and, as we expected, the property came out clean as a whistle.

master-bedroom-water-stains-wince.JPG The pest inspector (David Hoska from Lungren & Associates) noted some very minor water damage above the master bedroom window (see the faint stains in the picture to the left)…


…while the home inspector (Kristian Meyers from Real Estate Inspection Group) found a loose electrical socket and an almost imperceptible leak under the sink, coming from the tube where the faucet extensions sits.


You gotta love home inspections where the inspectors have to kind of stretch to find something worth noting!

(Note: The full disclosures will be available online next week some time. You’ll need to read through them thoroughly if you’re thinking of making an offer.)

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The Sights and Sounds of Potrero Hill (Part 2)

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
April 4th, 2007

Continuing on our tour of the sights and sounds of Potrero Hill in San Francisco…

15th & Potrero is where you’ll find The Ribbonerie, which bills itself as “the ultimate ribbon store.”  Not having been in many other ribbon stores, I have no way of confirming that claim.

The Ribbonerie, Potrero Hill, San Francisco

When you’re looking for furniture, you can head over to the Country Roads Furniture store on 16th and Carolina.  Doesn’t look like much from the outside — especially with the “We Buy Houses Fast” sign on the same building — but I undertand its San Francisco’s premier custom furniture workshop, handcrafted country furniture from old and reclaimed wood.

Country Roads Furniture in Potrero Hill, San Francisco

If you’re in the mood for more shopping — and you happen to be an architect — you can check out Folger & Burt at 16th & De Haro.

Folger & Burt Architectural, Potrero Hill, San Francisco

If you’re not an architect, but just have a hankering for romantic and fun women’s ware, there’s a Jessica McLintock store nearby as well.

Jessica McClintock store, Potrero Hill, San Francisco

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The Sights and Sounds of Potrero Hill (Part 1)

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
April 3rd, 2007

Took a ride around the neighborhood today to get some pictures…

Near to 16th and De Haro are a number of interesting places.

There’s Sally’s Restaurant and Deli, a great place to get a hearty meal.


Nearby is the Couleur Cafe, which blends “traditional Arab and Mediterranean ingredients with typical French fare to create new standards in our cuisine”…


Then there’s also Wolfe’s Lunch and Espresso Bar…


But there’s a lot more around 16th and De Haro than just restaurants. You can get yourself kitted out at the Sports Basement


…then head over to World Gym for a workout.



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Wow! What a Property!

Kevin Boer, Realtor, Alain Pinel
March 24th, 2007

Today I got my first look at the property, and it was everything I expected and more. I knew from talking to my client that it was a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 2.5-story loft, so the layout itself didn’t surprise me. What blew me away the most was the living area: bright and airy, even on a cloudy San Francisco day, partly because of the windows, which reach from the floor all the way up to the ~20-ft ceilings, but also because of the skylight.

The winding spiral staircase leading from the living area to the 3rd floor loft bedroom-cum-office is another great feature. After walking up, you get an even better sense of the big living space.

The master bedroom is on the entrance level, and the doors to the master bedroom are also striking: imposing, antique-looking doors, which were apparently one of the features that sold the owners on this property when they first saw it. It’s also apparently a feature not shared by the other units in the building.

The property definitely shows pride of ownership; these guys have obviously taken good care of the property.

Check out the pictures!

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