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A modest proposal becomes more ambitious…

Kevin Boer, Broker Owner, 3 Oceans Real Estate, Inc. ()

October 26th, 2006 · 9 Comments

Time for us all to pitch in and help out Zillow.

Now that you’ve refined your virtual-pumpkin-carving skills, spend a few minutes putting together an entry for my “Re-design Zillow’s homepage to make it NCRC-proof” contest. I’ve already submitted my entry. I don’t have t-shirts, so the lucky winner will get, oh, a $10 Starbucks card and the right to rename my blog for a day. Howzat sound?


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  • 1 Jim Duncan // Oct 27, 2006 at 4:16 am

    If there was a way that I could vote for your post as funniest of the day, I would.

  • 2 teresa boardman // Oct 27, 2006 at 9:58 am

    I think you have just come up with the perfect re-design. The only thing I could add is maybe a surgeon general type warning advising people that just because they read it on the internet does not mean it is true.

  • 3 Pat Kitano // Oct 27, 2006 at 9:50 pm

    When I sponsor the Carnival next year, I think I may have only one category - “Post Something Hilarious”. I’d keep this in the archive.

  • 4 Bonnie Erickson // Oct 29, 2006 at 12:38 am

    This is great. Two mortgage people I know but don’t use (I wonder why!) have used Zillow for their preliminary valuations of property! I was appalled at the stupidity, or at best inaccuracy, of such an idea.

  • 5 jf.sellsius // Oct 29, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    Case closed.

  • 6 Your mortgage complaint — delivered … on a platter, with ribbons at Three Oceans Real Estate — Insights from a Wired Bay Area Realtor // Nov 1, 2006 at 11:53 am

    [...] Surely Ditech has an NCRC-proof disclaimer? [...]

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