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October 31st, 2006 · 1 Comment

Just alerted to this on Om Malik’s blog — Google just bought Jotspot.  The obvious name for this new entity?  Take a guess…

With that out of the way…what in the world is Jotspot anyway?  It’s a neat little Web 2.0 hosted wiki application.  What does that mean, and why should that interest somebody in the world of real estate?

A “wiki” is simply an online collaborative application.  The most well-known is arguably Wikipedia, the public-contribution encyclopedia.  Other “wikis” include spreadsheets and maps which have the ability to be used collaboratively.

Some clients of mine clued me in to Jotspot earlier this year, and we found it a pretty effective tool for collaborating on the real estate search process.  I would upload information about the properties I had previewed for them, and they could see the comments I’d made, add their own, and ask questions.  “Did that one have a nice water view?  Did the kitchen in that home have the countertop style we prefer?”  The information was viewable as a spreadsheet, in map format (which homes have we looked at in this neighborhood?), and as a calendar (which homes did we see last weekend?)

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